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Cerebrum has been in business since 2002 and our team works with clients across a variety of sectors. Many of our clients have used our services for years — we know their businesses and we understand their needs.

Our clients are highly diverse, and include local Australian companies as well as international enterprises needing our support. We work with SMEs and large global enterprises across a vast array of business types; family-owned wine makers, agricultural businesses, property management firms, and companies like Fujifilm. We also give the same great service to not-for-profit organisations.

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Today's Business Spotlight

In today’s edition we put the spotlight on a very special client who empowers wheelchair users to push their boundaries, to go further, and to experience a world that doesn’t need to be flat: Magic Mobility.

Based in Melbourne, their designers, engineers and manufacturers build all-terrain power wheelchairs that not only provide customers with quality products, but really improve their lives. Magic Mobility has been enabling its clients to experience the freedom and adventure that comes with a go-anywhere wheelchair since 1994. Their service is unique — customising wheelchairs to suit their clients’ needs, and giving them maximum independence. Magic Mobility’s highly-customised wheelchair solutions include indoor/outdoor wheelchairs and tough off-road wheelchairs.

For over 25 years, Magic Mobility has been enabling its clients to experience the freedom and adventure that comes with a go-anywhere wheelchair: from driving through the soft sands of Australia’s beaches, or climbing the many rugged mountain ranges, to experiencing the nation’s muddy farmyards. The world has taken notice, and today, Magic Mobility exports their boundary-pushing wheelchairs to all corners of the globe, including the USA, the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Now, you might be asking, what does Cerebrum have to do with Magic Mobility?

The accuracy of product orders is a key efficiency driver, particularly when it comes to custom-made products such as wheelchairs, which consist of hundreds of parts and optional accessories. When Magic Mobility approached us in 2015, a thorough review of their processes showed that the majority of orders received required some level of manual rework, such as follow-ups with customers, adjustments to orders or clarification of missing information.

Three main factors were identified to ensure Magic Mobility's future business success, and to guarantee customer satisfaction:

  • Focus communication between Magic Mobility, sales agents and end-clients on important and meaningful points, instead of amending orders already placed and answering repeat questions about products.
  • Provide help in real-time by offering visual elements, such as technical and schematic drawings, resulting in a reduction in training time.
  • Eliminate combinations of options that can't be built without engineering support.

Cerebrum worked closely with Magic Mobility to design, develop and deliver a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use online quoting and ordering system. This allows sales agents to configure a customised wheelchair easily for their end-users. For the success of this project, the efficiency and quality of orders had to be improved significantly, without losing the flexibility to customise a product.

The web-based solution built by Cerebrum enables Magic Mobility’s international sales agents to efficiently configure wheelchairs that perfectly fit their customers’ needs. The action-driven workflow delivers a great experience for users, and we reached order accuracy of almost 100% within the first few weeks of the system's launch.

Based on TYPO3, an enterprise open-source content management system, the platform has been extended over time to meet Magic Mobility's evolving needs. The system, as it stands today, integrates with an external customer relationship management system (CRM), and even allows agents to order spare parts. It’s flexible, and lets Magic Mobility staff update combination rules, add new wheelchair parts and adjust prices. This keeps them on track to maintain almost 100% accuracy with their product orders.

We are very grateful to Magic Mobility for their long-lasting and excellent cooperation, and we enjoy working with all of their staff.

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