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The current situation has genuinely changed the way we think, work, communicate, and collaborate. In this climate of disruption and uncertainty, supporting each other is more important than ever. Through our virtual round table, we are working through this ambiguity together with our greater Cerebrum community. You are welcome to join the conversation for free at any time or pop into our virtual office for a visit and some one-on-one with the team.

We further share below an article that presents three types of flexibility that help people embrace, and work through capricious change. We must adapt to thrive and be flexible enough to shift with the change.

The rapid pace of change and growing uncertainty is challenging many of us. There's a heightened need to remodel how we carry on with business - from working remotely, supporting staff, coping with emotional distress and anxiety, adopting new processes, technologies, and communication methods.

Our virtual round table has created a space for our wider community and us to connect and work through how we can best navigate this space of ambiguity in the most effective way. There's no underlining marketing sell, but a genuine opportunity to come together, support, encourage conversation, share thoughts, knowledge, and experience.

If you'd like to join in the conversation, please contact us, we'd love for you to be our guest at our next discussion.

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There is so much that we are all processing. More than ever, things have accelerated. As rapidly as things are moving, we need to pause - give ourselves a moment to digest all that is transpiring so we can face the unknown with more confidence. We need to embrace our ability to adapt, accept that change is happening.

The Centre for Creative Leadership suggests we need to find ways to help us feel more grounded, understand the impact that change is having on us, and understand the effects of our behaviour on others. They recently published an interesting article that highlights what is required to adapt to change.

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Since many of us are currently working from home, our furry friends are getting more cuddles and more attention these days. For some of us, however, that means sharing our work area with new coworkers who don't understand business etiquette.

Enjoy this compilation of 40 tweets where people are sharing how their pets deal with them working from home.

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