• AWS Summit 2019

    Michael (Cloud Infrastructure Manager at Cerebrum) attended this year's AWS Summit in May, and dived deep into the latest and coolest visions of cloud technologies. This article summarizes the two-day event with more than 100 educational sessions, workshops, and a large expo area held in Sydney.

  • Pushing Boundaries with Magic

    Accuracy of product orders is a key efficiency driver — in particular when it comes to custom-made products such as wheelchairs which consist of hundreds of parts and optional accessories. This article puts the spotlight on a very special client who empowers wheelchair users to push their boundaries and to experience a world that’s not flat. Learn more about this amazing company and how a system developed by Cerebrum enables Magic Mobility's international sales agents to efficiently configure wheelchairs that perfectly fit their customers' needs.

  • Tips for a Great Project Brief

    Clients with a great idea often approach us to discuss the application they want us to build. Sometimes, however, when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, it turns out that even stakeholders in the same organisation have different understandings about the intended solution. This article explains how you can prepare yourself and your team before approaching a digital agency such as Cerebrum. Do you know the documents you should have ready? Have you prepared your answers to the basic questions that a professional agency will ask? If you do your homework, your next development project will start smoothly, and will be easy and enjoyable for everyone.

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