Welcome to our Events page where you can see what's on at Cerebrum. From time-to-time we'll be hosting events in all shapes and sizes - presentations, workshops, training seminars, roundtable discussions, and social gatherings to bring the greater Cerebrum community together for some face-to-face, safe-distancing, networking and celebration. It's our natural inclination to want to share our knowledge, expertise, and learnings, and enable others with the right tools and understanding. Whether delivered to you by our experienced team, or in collaboraton with our industry partners, we're keen to see you at our next event.


Editor Training

A crucial part of web development is ensuring our clients have the ability to easily manage and edit their site, via their content management system (CMS). Established experts in TYPO3 and WordPress, we are pleased to offer introduction courses to WordPress Editor and TYPO3 Editor training. Face-to-face opportunities in Melbourne.

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Effective SEO

In partnership with Maas Media, presenting inights into SEO practices and real-world applications for positive search engine ranking results. While every business sector has unique needs and challenges related to the field of SEO, there are common solutions to ensure positive results can be achieved.

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Media & PR Workshops

In partnership with Good Talent Media, presenting How to create and pitch media ready stories. Take advantage of a complimentary session with PR & Media experts and learn how to strengthen your brand. Both face-to-face and virtual workshops are available.

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Virtual Roundtables

The COVID-19 pandemic has genuinely changed the way we think, work, communicate, and collaborate. In this climate of disruption and uncertainty, supporting each other is more important than ever. Through our virtual roundtable, we are working through this ambiguity together with our greater Cerebrum community. You are welcome to join the conversation or pop into our virtual office for a visit and some one-on-one with the team.

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