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FUJIFILM Cooperation is Japan's pioneering photographic film manufacturer. By leveraging its reputation for quality imaging and information technology, Fujifilm has become a global presence across a wide range of high-tech expertise, offering optical devices, cameras and lenses.


High-tech companies often face the challenge of showcasing sophisticated products in a way that appeals to both the technically literate and to the broader market. This is particularly true where the technical specifications alone do not do justice to the products.

Fujifilm’s high performance zoom lenses fall into this category.

How do you present products such as the Fujinon HK Premier Series – a high performance zoom lens exceeding 4K optical performance – or the Fujinon MK Series, which features advanced optical performance, in an ultra-compact, lightweight design?


Cerebrum built a global website using the open source enterprise content management system TYPO3 to highlight Fujifilm’s range of professional Fujinon lenses.

The site features multiple languages with an auto-detection based on geographical location of the visitor. Several editors maintain the content of the site using workspaces which implements a professional workflow and structures how changes and updates are managed.

In addition to product information and specifications for each lens, the site features stories and videos that bring the products to life. Customer testimonials by professional cinematographers and high-quality footage show who uses the lenses, how they are used, and the amazing results that can be achieved.


  • Appealing web site, showcasing high-end products.

  • Product details in combination with stories and videos.

  • Downloadable product brochures.

  • Stunning (high resolution) images.

  • Enterprise open source content management system.

  • Multi-language, auto-detection based on geolocation.

  • Easily manageable content by editors using workspaces.

  • Enterprise hosting setup, featuring SSL/TLS, CDN (content delivery network), etc.

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